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    from GCCA:

    Hi all

    As you now, the UN climate talks have entered their next round in Bonn yesterday. Now the co-chairs of the two negotiating tracks (one on raising ambition before 2020, the other on designing and agreeing - by 2015 - a treaty that manages climate action after 2020)  want to hear from you, even if you are not there in person.

    During an event on Thursday, you can make submissions on some key questions for negotiators as they move forward, and these submissions - weyhey - don't have to be loads of pages full of gobbledygook, but they can come as a tweet, short and sweet.

    Apparently there'll be all sorts of people in the room asking questions and making suggestions, but people from around the world can address the co-chairs via Twitter, and the tweets will be projected on the wall in the room. If you want to have a say and throw a good idea in the mix via Twitter, read on:

    It all happens this Thursday, 2 May, from 13.15 to 14.45 Bonn time / Central European Time. The two burning questions the two co-chairs will raise and need answers to are these:

    1. What are the central elements and key design aspects for an ambitious, fair, durable and effective 2015 agreement that mobilizes national action? and 2. How can we catalyze action and how to build a practical results-based approach to increasing pre-2020 ambition?

    These questions correspond to the two negotiating tracks mentioned above, and are discussed amongst governments at the UNFCCC meeting in Bonn this week, at in-depth workshops and round-table forums.

    According to folks at the UNFCCC Secretariat, this year governments are moving from a conceptual phase to a content-forming phase in preparation for a ‘text-forming’ stage in 2014.

    Important to know in this context: This conceptual and content-forming phase is the phase at which observers like you can make a difference. Once governments reach the text-forming stage in 2014, there will be less scope for civil society to engage in the design of the agreement, the UNFCCC folks think.

    The note describing the event in detai

    page with the instructionsfor how to engage via Twitter

    If you wanted to help promote this in advance of the actual event, you could use this tweet: "Wanted: Inputs from stakeholders on design of 2015 global agreement + how to accelerate pre-2020 #climateaction  #ADPchat"

    A Facebook post that could be shared is here:

    Happy tweeting and influencing!

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