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  •  Just back from a day on the mainland (8+ / 0-)

    (half hour medical appt + various shopping to fill up the time between ferries to and fro)

    I always walk down to the beach at the Anacortes ferry dock to see what the birds be doing, while I'm waiting for the boat. The huge flock of wigeons has gone, alas, they are among my favorite ducks, so perky and busy, sifting through the sea lettuce and chattering amongst themselves. Away for the summer. But the pelagic cormorants were all about, many females perched on the big pilings, and the males were swooping around, showing off their bright white back patches. Breeding season. Pelagics are so delicately elegant.

    A pair of crows caught my interest, working at some bit of shellfish on the mudflat. Usually they are up on the ferry lanes harrassing food from people in cars. It was great to see them eating nutritious seafood rather than potato chips.

    •  I downloaded my pics, and got some nice looks (8+ / 0-)

      at the cormorants on the piling (couldn't photograph those flying). They have white on their backs too, didn't see that until I looked at the photos. So I looked em up, and - learned something new - seems males and females have the very same appearance, though the females are said to be slightly smaller. Means likely those were females flying around too. Cool.

      The colors on those "black" birds are gorgeous in the sun. I'll post some pics.

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