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View Diary: "YOU PICKED ORANGE" Chapter 17 by SSK (4 comments)

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  •  Thank the gods for that Doc. (1+ / 0-)
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    wilderness voice

    It really pisses me off that nurses like that are gainfully employed and making the whole profession look bad, sigh.

    •  And, an addendum (1+ / 0-)
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      wilderness voice

      I'll add that the pissed off part is not simply for them tainting the profession, but also for you and your husband's having to endure that horrible level of care.  Pain control is an extremely basic level of care.  And if you're ignoring that, you're obviously ignoring whatever the hell is wrong that's causing the pain in the first place.

      •  Thank You (0+ / 0-)

        Thank you tons and bunches, Dr. Erich Bloodaxe RN (and remind me to NEVER piss you off, with a name like that! :)

        Having worked in hospitals, three, and mostly in L&D, I do know that some nurses can shut out the sound of pain. I'm not a nurse. Pain should be dealt with. I was going to add that I must have looked and sounded precisely like Shirley McLaine's character in "Terms of Endearment", when her only precious child is shrieking in pain, from cancer, and the nurses just look at her as if she's asking them to take her giraffe for a walk and please don't forget to throw the planet off it's axis: INSANE. But utterly right. Who gives a crap if a patient in such a dire state of health gets her pain shot now or at the scheduled time of 10 a.m.?

        I never understood that. I got floated around in the second hospital I worked, also in LA, and I was sent to a Med/Surg unit. Never having been there, I quickly realized that this is where they stocked their elderly who, in their opinion had no business being, well, alive.

        This was driven home to me on that same unit: from the desk I could see into the room of one very elderly woman, and NOT ONE NURSE was around. I watched this woman (think Gollum, no, really) as she shed her gown, somehow slipped out of her restraints (woolen ankle and wrist) and sort of poured herself out of the bed, slithering under the guard rails, and dropped, light as a feather, on the floor. I was mesmerized. And she didn't make a single sound.

        I used the overhead to ask for ANY nurse to report to the station, and no one came for over ten minutes. This woman just squatted next to her bed, a devilish grin on her sweet toothless mouth. Finally a nurse (or NA) came by, I pointed and the NA took care of the lady, getting her redressed, back in bed, and her restraints. I realized that she had done it not just because she could, but because she was bored senseless.

        And yet... there was a fellow that was parked, in his bed, at the nursing station, screaming his head off. Pain, fury, confusion, and did I say "pain"? Yep. All the nurses walked right past him, saying "Hello, Martin" or "Look good today, Marty!" all  the while Martin growling and snarling and barking in pain.

        Pain pain. I hate it.

        Thank you for understanding my own fear and confusion.

        And I think you helped me write another chapter!

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