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  •  How GOP runs against Markey (3+ / 0-)
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    Seeing some tweets from GOP officials focusing on the fact that Markey has been in office too long. I suppose that might gain traction, but this is a state that had Kerry and Kennedy in office for decades. Seniority seems to matter.

    Also, seeing reference to Markey living in MD. His wife works there so they have a house there. As such, I think GOP has to be careful on that issue. Markey also owns his parents old house in MA. This isnt like a Richard Lugar situation.

    I cant see what issues Gomez can really run on. Brown had healthcare and a much weaker economy in Jan 2010. Gomez already says he agrees with Obama on immigration reform and gun control. I cant see Gomez getting to the right or left of Markey on any issue.

    Looks to me Gomez will run almost exclusively on biography.

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