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View Diary: My Life As An Aspie: Disappointment Has Broken Me Down (16 comments)

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  •  I agree completely -- (9+ / 0-)
    Folks who are disabled in any way do their damndest to live what is considered a 'normal life'. . . .  Many of us end up isolated with almost no way of sustaining any quality of life at all.
    And this sucks.  I have handicapping conditions that pretty much enforce isolation on me.

    Anniversaries can be difficult, including an annivesary of the date that your became 'named' as 'disabled'.

    Fighting for your rights as a disabled person is very discouraging.  (I almost wrote 'can be', but IS is the right verb.)  I've fought two Civil Rights Complaints battles, and expect to have to press for my rights in many interactions.

    So yes, discouragement and isolation (and discouragement about isolation) are part of being disabled.  So part of the survivor's skill-kit has to be learning ways of knowing that periods of discouragement will come and go, learning ways of letting yourself ride through them, and learning ways of EN-couraging yourself.

    So hold on, and keep breathing.  Keep a reasonable sleep schedule.  Continue to eat reasonably.  Make a point of finding things each day that you enjoy or are grateful for.  (These are not Pollyanna-ish 'look on the bright side' recommendations.  I'm sharing my survival skills with you.  You'll develop your own.)

    Best wishes --

    •  I have several other issues on top of the AS. (7+ / 0-)

      I've had to cope with physical issues as well. I had a heel cord operation just before kindergarten, and even with that I still have trouble getting around on my feet because I can't move anything on my left foot from the ball down.

      As you can guess, that leads to back problems.

      That's one reason you won't see me working in a food-service job.

      I write a series called 'My Life as an Aspie', documenting my experiences before and after my A.S. diagnosis as a way to help fellow Aspies and parents of Aspies and spread awareness. If I help just one person by doing this, then I've served a purpose.

      by Homer177 on Thu May 02, 2013 at 10:58:15 AM PDT

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