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  •  this country has NEVER held teaching in esteem (7+ / 0-)

    if you fo back and research it, this country has always treated teachers bad. Even when the economy was booming, teachers got low pay. What they did start to get in the 60's were pensions, job security, and helath insurance, something most of the rest of the workforce ( at least in the unionized states ) were already getting. Only in hte past few years, with those things eroding in the private sector and people losing their jobs, did it look like teachers were doing better, even tho they still lagged behind other people with similar educational levels. And psare the stuff about how thier course load was easier and all that BS; other measures doenby NAEP have foudn teacher intellect on par with doctors and lawyers, and higher than business grads. its early im in a rush so forgive the typos

    •  Well, I have definitely seen a change. (5+ / 0-)

      Teaching isn't a highly-paid profession here, as it is in some countries. But in some areas of the country (generally, where unions are strong), teachers have been able to make a decent living. Their pay is much higher than mine. But there was a general level of respect for what teachers do. My parents, for example, would never, EVER have even thought about talking to or about teachers the way that so many parents and pundits feel free to do now. The level of criticism is unprecedented, at least from where I sit. Yakkity-yaks all over the teevee, people who have never even worked two hours as a substitute, suddenly are experts and are perfectly comfortable bashing the entire profession. I guess the point is to demoralize and destroy.

      •  A " decent" living should be the starting point (3+ / 0-)
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        not the capstone to a 30 year career,which is about how long it takes to make a "decent" living as a teacher in most areas. And if you're on Long island or CT or parts of NJ, the salaries are not so high they compensate for the cost of living. But with NJ in a practical depression ( where are the jobs from the tax cuts Christie? ) rightnow salaries probably appear princely. In 2000 with 12 yrs exp in NJ, I made 35 K. My friends were all making twice that ten years BEFORE. Now they are on their asses, but their houses are paid off and their kids grown, because they didn't have to put it off while attending grad school at fact none of them even went to college; a trade could get you that much at one time, if you were unionized. None of them wanted to jump in my boots back then for the tenure, health plan or pension. And now they resent me? Makes me wanna holler.

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