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View Diary: The Nuclear Family and conservatives . What Focus? What family? (23 comments)

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    I think this is my first comment ever, and I've been lurking for nearly ten years.

    Focus on the Family/ All in the Family-- the depository for all of the major calamities that continue to wear us all down.

    Your story pains and moves me because I know that sincerity is used, abused, and crushed.

    I believe your dad and husband are decent and never perfect individuals. What do we expect?

    I'm so angry at my own moronic family who testify for Jesus, who brag of their numbers, who home school their kids, who have wives who walk behind their husbands, who destroy farm land for development, who speak about heaven, and who castigate me for being an intellectual. They're so messed up, and their only solution is to block out the world and concentrate on success, increase, heaven, and something sinisterly but fatherly called the lord. Their god is callous and indifferent....

    Heavens, people like you deserve more. You are of the heroes, the truly divine souls in an imperfect world. Everyone in America should read your story and stories like it. Every evening news should lead off with the lives of people under the glare of the "family focus". Then the TVs should be turned off, and we should think of each other in our strengths and weaknesses. Life is not simply a game of accumulation.

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