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  •  Asking for your indulgence... (7+ / 0-)

    ...and no, not the kind the Church handed out in its heydey to anyone who wanted to commit horrible acts then pay off the Church for pennance.

    I posted a diary earlier that I'd hoped would gain some play via social media, and possibly hit Community Spotlight, with the goal of hopefully leveraging the breadth & depth of crowdsourcing available from Kossacks to disseminate information and calls for people who might unwittingly have valuable clues to stop and think...

    In order to help build additional awareness for the plight of two different cases. Two suspected abductions, endangering two different young mothers.

    Please - if you can, take a moment to read and rec the diary, and share it via your social media communities so that it gets some airplay: Michigan's Missing Mothers

    2,300 people go missing every day in the U.S. - these are just two of 'em. But if you're able to share the story of their disappearance & it reaches anyone who can help, you've made a difference for at least those two women, and their families.

    Isn't it worth a shot?

    •  And yes, I plopped a similar plea in the (6+ / 0-)

      Open Thread for Night Owls and Early Birds.

      I'm not going to hit more diaries - I'm done. I appreciate all those who have jumped over to rec it, and hope they've shared links to the original stories or to the diary with others.

      I think we can at least help increase the buzz. I hope we can shake someone's memory or jar something loose that leads to a break for investigators.

      Above all, I hope that these two women find their way back to their respective homes & families safely.

      Thank you.


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