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View Diary: Toomey says Republicans opposed expanding background checks because they don't like President Obama (70 comments)

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    Dogs are fuzzy

    "too cowardly to stand up to their ravenous base" and some people here complain that Democrats are too willing to betray their base, does that mean that Democratic politicians are the opposite of cowardly, that the Democratic base is not sufficiently ravenous, or that the complainers are wrong?

    •  Democrats are NOT defined by overt aggression (0+ / 0-)

      other than maybe an aggressive approach to caving on shit needlessly.

      Democrats are pretty much weaklings.

      I'm short on stories of how Dems brutalized the GOP and prevailed on something of actual importance to us.

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      If the Republicans were merely representing their base, it wouldn't be as much of a problem.  But they've morphed their party into a hate fest.  And on the issue of gun background checks, they aren't even representing their base.

      And no, it's not brave to fly against the desires of one's constituents.  It's usually corrupt.  That's a "centrist" myth concocted by people who hate democracy.

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