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View Diary: Toomey says Republicans opposed expanding background checks because they don't like President Obama (70 comments)

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  •  This is more about straight politics (0+ / 0-)

    than about racism.  It's the same thing that is happening on the economy.  There are trillions in pent-up money sitting on the sidelines, just waiting to create the next bubble.  But,...the Powers that Be know that to win in 2016, their only chance is to have a sluggish economy.  If the Obama-Economy is going gangbusters, then no republican can win.

    That said, Gore lost with a great economy, but unlike Obama, the seeds of the Clinton-era bubble were sprouting under Bush I, and Clinton was crippled by personal compromises and scandals.  And, Gore was no Bill Clinton.  And, it was a different world then.  Post Bush/Obama, and with no Obama scandal to date, the GOP knows that they can't give Obama anything on the economy front (or any other front), so that they can claim his presidency was a complete disaster, and it's time to give the GOP another try in 2016.

    This isn't racism.  Does anybody doubt they'd be doing the exact same thing to Hillary or any Dem?  Of course, Hillary probably wouldn't have raised their taxes, so, who knows?

    •  you know, I agree on the nastiness of the raw (0+ / 0-)

      politics of it - but what will you say if and when Hillary wins WV, GA, TN, NC or KY in a general election?  Why would she win those states when O had trouble?  Only one thing can account for this.  And I actually believe that she would have a chance in all of these states - and that is why she is so formidable.  She could hold all of the POC votes and pull in working class whites.  This is why the GOP is scared to death of her.  She can appeal to people that O will never appeal to.  The reason she isn't the President right now is because O over-performed and she screwed up.

      I've been coming to DKos since May 2008 and I still don't have a sig line. Oh well.....

      by CrissieP on Wed May 01, 2013 at 04:16:10 PM PDT

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