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View Diary: Why Is ‘Tebow Nation’ So Bitter About Jason Collins’ Revelation? (274 comments)

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  •  But isn't that the core of this hypocrisy? (0+ / 0-)

    Tebow, a mediocre football player at best, has been lionized and outright worshipped as a living God for his "christianity," and given all sorts of media attention for NO OTHER REASON than his kneeing and praying on the field. But the righties want to pretend that he has somehow been snubbed, ignored, and abused for it.

    As with everything on the right, the belief is that "we" deserve accolades and to be on top through no effort or risk whatsoever; preeminence is our birthright for simply being white, straight and following the easy road of being a member of the common religion. What "danger" did Tebow ever face or career risk did Tebow ever take with his ostentatious christianism? Has anyone in the US EVER been beaten to death for being an out christian? Has anyone EVER lost their job for being a loud-mouthed arrogant christianist? Of course not, they very idea of it is absurd. For the righties, Tebow was just another example of how THEY ought to be treated, lauded, feted, and praised for achieving nothing and risking nothing at all. Talk about the "everybody gets a trophy" culture.

    But when a man takes a serious risk, risking his career, his future, his very life, that's not supposed to be a big thing. How dare Collins be praised for doing something every bit an equivalent to Jackie Robinson?

    Not to mention the arrogant narcissism of the idea that it's no big thing to be gay, why can't they just keep it to themselves? How dare you allow your life to intrude on my beautiful mind? Pretend to be just like me, no matter what damage it does to you, and we can be friends. Discomfit MY delicate sensibilities? How DARE you?

    As if, had Matt Drudge or Glenn Beck broken the story of Collins' homosexuality, it would not have been trumpeted across the airwaves and every possible effort made to utterly destroy his life and career for his obvious (to the righties) crime and moral transgression? How DARE he be an athlete and gay? would have been the message. Who does he think he is to hide such an obviously disqualifying horror? Burn the witch!

    As with all things right wing, the hypocrisy is mind-blowing and the moral and intellectual depravity incomprehensible to thinking people.

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