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View Diary: Armed gunmen ambush teachers in an Oregon school ... as a readiness test (306 comments)

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  •  But the fact is (9+ / 0-)

    Once again, no good guy with a gun showed up to defend America and apple pie from teh eevil terraists (even though teh eevil terraists were fellow teachers firing blanks).

    The NRA "solution" would have, in this case, led to the violent death of two innocent (phenomenally stupid, but innocent) men and a principal responsible for negligent homicide.

    The good guy with a gun NEVER shows up. Ever. Even in states with the most lax possible gun laws.

    The good guy with a gun is a feckless fantasy of grown up little boys who want to pretend they are real men.

    As in all things, the excuses and "solutions" proposed by conservatives are nothing more than puerile fantasies and pipe dreams with no connection to reality or common sense.

    •  Wouldn't say "not ever" (2+ / 0-)
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      S F Hippie, Kimbeaux

      Someone did a study of the stats.

      Someone uses a gun in response to a crime or attempted crime (against people) .83% of the time.

      That's .83%, as in less than 1%--not 83%.

      So it does happen. Once in a blue moon.

      No notes in the stats on how often it turned out to be useful.

      •  Great. So... (2+ / 0-)
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        Laconic Lib, jan4insight

        We get 100,000 gun deaths a year, they get a 0.83% rate of guns being effective against crime.

        Any other object with a usefulness that woesome or effectiveness so pathetic would likely be banned outright.

        •  Not necessarily effective (0+ / 0-)

          The stats just showed how often somebody tried to use a gun in response to crime.

          There's no way to know if the person got the result he or she was hoping for--or if things went more awry.

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