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View Diary: Just one of those "Crazy Gun Accidents" 5yr old kills 2yr old (119 comments)

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  •  I received my first rifle for my 8th birthday (6+ / 0-)

    - I never had access to it without direct supervision, I didn't even know where it was kept
    - I didn't carry it on my own, it would be handed to me if I was going to shoot a target with help
    - I didn't clean it, I learned to clean a rifle in my teens

    But, the fact that this is possible, that I didn't shoot anyone isn't really an endorsement of how weapons being given to such young children should be legal.  

    There are lots of 12 years olds who are such (and have family support such) that they could be great drivers.  15 year olds who can handle alcohol more responsibly than adults.  etc. etc.  - but we create age restrictions for reasons based on the general poplace as a whole, because kids don't have the mental faculty to understand risks the way adults can (generally).

    It's such a basic concept that we apply to everything else in our world, it just shows the stength of gun manufacturer marketing that we work so hard not to apply it with guns.  

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