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  •  The study actually looked at that (2+ / 0-)
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    The believers in the end times are less likely -- even after correcting for party affiliation and other variables -- to care about the national debt.  From the study:

    As an additional test of our proposed SOF causal mecha-
    nism—to make sure that the results we just reported were
    not the byproduct of some unforeseen conditions pertaining only to environmental politics—we also analyzed
    respondents’ policy preferences on another issue that
    involves an intertemporal trade-off between costs and
    benefits: the national debt
    What is also reminiscent of the results in Table 1 is the
    fact that no other variable capturing religious identity or
    behavior attains statistical significance. Indeed, for this
    dependent variable, no other variable in the entire model
    attains statistical significance, except for party ID (t
    As additional tests of discriminant validity, we also
    estimated parallel models predicting attitudes on policy
    issues whose costs and benefits, unlike global warming
    and the national debt, are more immediate and thus do not involve an intertemporal trade-off. ...

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