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  •  From the end times literature, it's been obvious (1+ / 0-)
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    for years that end times believers can't wait to get to Armageddon, after which they will rise to Heaven to sit on the right hand of God:  the worse it gets here, the happier they are that events are moving to their resurrections as Elect.  It also foundations their support of Israeli bellicosity because that is where the final battles will occur.

    I remind everyone that you cannot argue against belief.  There is a substantial minority that welcomes, avidly embraces, the decline and fall of the world.  Of the US, if other nations will not heed the Book of Revelation.  They are happy to anchor reactionary and destructive policies and politicians.  All in the service of religious belief.  

    Someone else will have to comment on the religiosity of America, which I believe has repeatedly been surveyed and found unique among Western European nations.  Fact is, we're also uncritical science religionists, those of us who believe in science.  Americans are a peculiarly naively believing lot and healthy, self-preserving skepticism is in too short supply

    “The road to success is always under construction” --Lily Tomlin

    by CarolinNJ on Thu May 02, 2013 at 08:36:25 PM PDT

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