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    After being without Internet access for most of the last 18 months (poverty), I recently managed to get back online.  Late last week, I ran across a cautionary article in which a tech-magazine high-level geek got hacked and had all his stuff destroyed.  This led me into a series (in WSJ?) on online privacy, including the ubitquitous 'trackers' used by websites, the astonishing variety of info they collect, etc.  It scared the starch out of me, and I began looking for 'tracker-blockers'.

    I opted-out of trackers at NAI (and a similar site); I installed 'Keep my Opt-outs' extension for Chrome.  I tried out (simultaneously) the blockers called 'best' by Lifehacker:  Ghostery, Do Not Track Me, and Disconnect -- over several days, Disconnect blocked up to twice as many trackers per site as the other two, and told me about 'content' trackers (mainly from that it does not block.  Then I discovered PrivacyFix (from PrivacyShare, IIRC).  It is head and shoulders above the others I tried, and it offers a way for ordinary users to to install a gadget so they can participate in crowdsourcing their database during their ordinary browser use.

    I nabbed the link to your website from your profile, and bookmarked it.  Internet privacy/security has become important to me now, and I hope you will keep posting about it here.

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