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View Diary: NPR Hatchet Job at Trying to Discredit Medicaid and Obamacare: Prime Example of a Corporate Shill (183 comments)

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  •  Nope - you're wrong - you've been conned (6+ / 0-)
    this study does a credible job of reporting the results of an important study
    Important study? Sez who - you? Why would you call it important? You've got nothing to back that up.
    In fact, this study does a credible job of reporting the results of an important study
    HA! You're drowning in self-delusion. The ONLY quoted "expert" is from American Enterprise Institute. That's not balanced in any way. THAT'S a fact to chew on.
    your characterization is scientifically utterly illiterate since you don't seem to understand the scope of questions asked or the methods employed.
    And yet you give nothing to back that statement up. Zero. We're just supposed to take your word because... you!
    Those of us in the reality based community value actual data
    The reality based community --- bwaaaahaha!

    Krugman has a spiffy reaction to this "important" study:

    Somehow, conservatives think this is a big win for their opposition to universal health insurance. Why? What it suggests is that the health benefits of ANY kind of health insurance are somewhat hard to identify over a two year period; so, are you about to give up your own insurance, or is your best bet that having that insurance is still a very good idea?

    Mindful - you've been conned. In a successful con the mark doesn't even know they've been conned. You, mindful, have been successfully conned.

    •  I love to see this type of ruthless destruction (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Capt Crunch

      of fallacious arguments.  I just love it!  Thank you.

    •  nope (0+ / 0-)

      what I have done is been scientifically trained.

      Shall we?

      1) Important study?  Yes, the only randomized study of the effects of medicare is important because it represents a highly unsual circumstance in this natural experiment.  Since one can't generally do randomized studies on people of this kind, the ORegon lottery represents a scientifically more valid approach than most other available approaches.  Therefore, as the report notes, it is an important study.

      2) Note, I didn't talk about experts, you brought that in as a red herring. What I did was compare the report to the findings in the study.  They are accurate.  However, you will note that you are easily disproven.  They also quoted Katherine Baicher, the author from the Harvard School of Public Health, which pretty much makes her an expert.

      3) Fair enough, let's take a few of Ray's gems

      Yes, the so-called "new study" found that people on medicaid are also afflicted by hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes...
      Well, no need for scare quote.  It is a study, based on a natural experiment.  THose indicators are fairly useful indications of the impacts on common chronic illnesses.  Surely, the question of what the impacts of a health care system on health is important?  It is ridiculous to try to undermine the research this way.
      Yes, they wanted to go a little deeper
      Yes, they did. THey wanted to go beyond self-reporting (which has all kinds of known bias) to actual measures of health.  Again, if you are studying a health care system, it makes no sense for Ray to attack a study for studying, well, health.
      And wait for this... The "researcher" found that there were financial benefits for those who had medicaid coverage, but that it came at a cost to society and taxpayers!

      WTF?  Of course it has a cost!  That what societies do.  At least that's what decent societies do; that's what every other industrialized (modern, first world) country does, except the U.S., of course (when it comes to universal health care).

      Well, yes, the researcher actually agrees with Ray, but somehow this is some terrifying corporate shill conclusion!  But wait, he agrees with it, so conspiracy, I guess.
      Muddle the waters, confuse the issues, challenge the data, and the science (and the findings), pay off "researchers" to do their bidding
      Now, here is where Ray goes full teabagger.  He decides that a Harvard/MIT study funded by the a series of left-leaning health care foundations and the U.S. Government
      Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, Department of Health and Human Services; the California HealthCare Foundation; the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation; the National Institute on Aging (P30AG012810, RC2AGO36631, and R01AG0345151); the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation; the Smith Richardson Foundation; and the Social Security Administration (5 RRC 08098400-03-00, to the National Bureau of Economic Research as part of the Retirement Research Consortium of the Social Security Administration); and by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
      Ray presents zero evidence of any corporate funding, and his only evidence is that he doesn't like part of the evidence.  NEither the study nor NPR are funded by Koch, yet he says they are without evidence, based largely on the fact that he doesn't like the findings.  Seriously.  He doesn't like it, therefore it must have been done by corporate shills.  THAT is the argument.  Tell me how this is different from the GOP guys shutting down CDC studies of gun violence because they don't like the results.

      Furthermore, I notice he didn't attack NPR report, also from Julie Rovner, for reporting the study that was super supportive of medicaid.

      I also notice he doesn't quote the bits of the story which are quite favorable.

      But I am done with you folks.  Can't stand the "make up you own facts" right wing loonies, and I can't stand the "make up your own facts" left wing ones either.

      Touch all that arises with a spirit of compassion

      by Mindful Nature on Thu May 02, 2013 at 01:40:32 PM PDT

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