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  •  I think senior officials like McNamara knew as (0+ / 0-)

    early as 1965 (not '67) that  the war in Vietnam was not winnable militarily. I remember being startled when I read somewhere that McNamara had concluded by 1965 that there would be no victory, as this was the same year during which U.S. combat troops were first introduced there.

    Then I read of taped conversations between LBJ and Senator Richard Russell that essentially boiled down to the same thing: as early as 1965, senior civilian leaders knew full well there would be no military victory in Vietnam.

    Sorry to make such a mountain out of a seeming molehill (the two years' difference between 1965 and '67), but I think it makes the officials' subsequent lies and 'happy talk' all the more criminal given the meat-grinder that ensued in 1965 and thereafter.

    I've read so much about Vietnam and the 60s that I doubt I shall easily be able to lay my hands on citations for the forgoing, without spending several hours pawing through books. But let me know if you think the endeavor worthy and I shall try.

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