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  •  "Do not despair: there IS no hope" said a Buddhist (0+ / 0-)

    to me when we were having a conversation about global warming, pollution, and the direction the world seems to be going. Just thinking about that thought is depressing to me and it really bothers me because I think #1) There are plenty of things we can (and should) do to mitigate suffering at all levels and even to create glorious things, and #2) that hopes and goals and looking forward to the future are good things. She seemed to be saying that since we can't fix everything, we shouldn't even try, we should just not worry about it. Just stay balanced in the middle where there is no despair because we have no desire for improvement. Am I misunderstanding her? Or was she not explaining it well? Or is it really that negative and depressing (Oh, right, not supposed to despair- I forgot already...)

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