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  •  That's a really bad translation (0+ / 0-)
    I have read that the ultimate goal of Buddhism is to become indifferent to all suffering, your own as well as that of others.
    No, the goal is to transcend dukkha (frequently translated as "suffering," but that's not quite accurate) by recognizing that it's empty of objective or eternal substance. At a minimum, this involves the cultivation of a life that does not directly or indirectly cause harm in others. In Mahayana Buddhism, it also involves the cultivation of compassion for the lives of all living beings.

    In Buddhist mythology, the gods in paradise experience dukkha because the experience of only pleasure is as blinding as the experience of only anger is to the demon, the experience of only fear is to the animal, or the experience of only hunger is to the hungry ghost.

    So in the philosophy of engaged Buddhism, I should help the person experiencing famine, disease, war, or death, not because doing so makes me a good person, but because that other person is me, and should be given the same opportunities to realize enlightenment.

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