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View Diary: Would a White Girl Be Prosecuted for a Botched Science Experiment? (55 comments)

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  •  it's hard to tell if it's racism or just (1+ / 0-)
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    Oh Mary Oh

    more silly pants-peeing on America's part after Boston--"the terrists will kill us all oh noes !!!!!!"  Although it should be noted that this is happening in Polk County, Florida, the reddest of the red and one of the "patriot militia" capitols of the world.  "Racism" is generally the default position there.

    But certainly those of us here who are yammering about "bombs oh noes !!!!" have fallen victim to the pants-peeing. It was not "a bomb".  It was not "an explosive device".  It was a commonly-used process to generate hydrogen gas for lab experiments. I doubt there is anyone here who was a high school chem student in the 80's or 90's who didn't make the same thing.

    But I think this story (and certainly the reaction to it here) has more to do with the US as a society collectively wetting our pants in terror and losing our goddamn minds (again) over two kids in Boston with a homemade pipe bomb. We have, as a society, learned absolutely nothing at all from 9-11 and our massive silly over-reaction to it, and are now entirely willing to run around with our arms waving in the air and do exactly the same thing again.  (sigh)

    The girl is not the Unabomber, not a superninja Al Qaeda international Muslim terrist oh noes--and should not be treated as one.  It's just silly pants-peeing on our part.

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