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  •  this Ocean Heat Sink seems to be (4+ / 0-)

    a Meme "with legs" ...

    Why is Reuters puzzled by global warming's acceleration?

    by Dana Nuccitelli, -- 24 April 2013

    The rate of heat building up on Earth over the past decade is equivalent to detonating about 4 Hiroshima atomic bombs per second. Take a moment to visualize 4 atomic bomb detonations happening every single second. That's the global warming that we're frequently told isn't happening.

    The confusion on this subject lies in the fact that only about 2 percent of global warming is used in heating air, whereas about 90 percent of global warming goes into heating the oceans (the rest heats ice and land masses). But humans live at the Earth's surface, and thus we tend to focus on surface temperatures. Over the past 10–15 years, Earth's surface temperature has continued to rise, but slowly. At the same time, the warming of the oceans – and the warming of the Earth as a whole – has accelerated.

    This was the conclusion of a scientific paper I co-authored last year [...]

    that article has a cool graphic too:

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