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View Diary: DING DING DING - Wall Street Rings Loss Of Millions (& Millions) For Limbaugh & Clear Channel (116 comments)

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  •  if only this message (6+ / 0-)

    could permeate the brains of the current administration:

    Not only is it clear to Clear Channel and Rush Limbaugh, that the public means business, they are finding out the public IS business.
    The real answer to the mess we are all in,  is that all the little people are the businesses.  The diary from yesterday about the businessman in Alabama that excoriated his congressman and a teabagger at a rally, and later his interview, clearly made that point.   Austerity proved it.  Kill the ability of all the little people to buy stuff, and economies crash.    No business, not even Bains, is successful long term if millions/billions aren't pumped in by low wage earners.   A vampire capitalist can't suck a business dry if its already been bled dry by a bad economy.  The vampire capitalists may be the last to starve to death, but eventually they starve, too.

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