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View Diary: NYT: Suicides Sharply Up Among Middle-Aged (30 comments)

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    we've essentially criminalized poverty, in many places and over a fairly short period;
    there is horrible guilt and shame associated with asking for or receiving help;
    there is no shortage of people more than happy to tell you helpful things like 'try harder', 'you're not applying yourself', 'if you really wanted to...' (I'd like to see these people build a fence in a hurricane);
    many people believe they are some kind of whopping failure if they don't achieve -whatever nonsense some "helpful" outside force has repetitively squawked into their brain they're supposed to want or have for no reason-;
    some will make this decision simply because it's the only thing they feel they really have any control over;
    and a myriad of other factors...

    I have a horrible feeling this trend will continue until something truly gives.

    What happened?

    (I can't help but notice that the age range of the majority currently falls around the end of the Boomers and the beginning of X. I betting there's something to that. I see hints of it in the comments shared in the diary. And I'm betting someone out there is already compiling all the info they can to figure it out.)

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