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View Diary: Tsarnaev Presumed Guilty: Government Leaks Ill-Gotten Incriminating Statements (180 comments)

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  •  What they believe should be kept in the (0+ / 0-)

    court room, not leaked out to the media by "anonymous insiders".

    These aren't games or "mental masturbation".  Due process does not include intentionally tainting the jury pool.

    That's actually a crime, btw, maybe the ones whom leaked it should be sought out and prosecuted.

    Either we are a nation ruled by the law or we become just like any other Banana Republic.  Remember history?  The show trials of Stalin?  That's what this is starting to look like in this nation.

    Maybe you don't have time to revisit recent history so here's a short clip to get you started:

    Screw due process, screw that damn piece of paper, we'll tell you who is guilty and you'll accept it as the gospel truth.  If the government believes you're guilty, then you are.

    We gave them the authority to charge and prosecute those they believe are guilty, IN A COURT OF LAW...not anonymously in the local newspaper.

    This kind of bullshit reeks of desperation.  A Hail Mary to obfuscate history.   Recall the Hutaree?  Remember the media frenzy?  Everyone believed they were dangerous mental patients that were going to attempt to overthrow our government?  We had to live in abject fear that there were disgruntled "hate groups" "with a plan".  "If you see something, say something!"

    Well, they were found innocent and the judge rebuked the prosecutor.  

    And be clear here, I don't know if this idiot is guilty, he "appears" to be, but that doesn't make it true, not yet.

    This isn't third grade and it surely isn't a game.  We must prosecute the guilty and do so constitutionally through judicial due process, if and when they are found guilty, then, then justice is accomplished.

    Isn't every American entitled to justice? Even if they are guilty?  Or should we just summarily execute those the government tells us are "really bad people"?

    Think about what you're getting so hellbent out of shape from here.  

    Think about it.

    -7.62; -5.95 The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.~Tesla

    by gerrilea on Fri May 03, 2013 at 08:49:59 PM PDT

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