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View Diary: Decision Points Theater II: It gets worse, Katrina Edition (25 comments)

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  •  FEMA had already played out a direct (5+ / 0-)

    hit and levee breach as one of the top disasters.   Brownie may not know, but the professional staffers knew, the weather forecasters knew, they all tried to tell the top administration people, and they just sat there and looked stupid.

    In some ways, more than the Iraq War,  the Katrina response was unforgiveable.  There was no enemy unless you were a died in the wool racist, beacause it was just Americans facing a hurricane.   Nothing anyone could stop, nothing any one individual can be fully prepared for.   And they did nothing to help.    Less than they would have sent if it had been a natural disaster somewhere else.  Obama got US Navy help to Fukishima faster than Bush got water to New Orleans.

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