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  •  No, that's not my argument at all. (3+ / 0-)
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    Not even close, in fact.

    I think you're confused as to the relevance of the First Amendment to my argument, as opposed to the arguments that have been made to me in opposition thereto.

    My argument is that the First Amendment analogy that others have made is inapt and immaterial, because the First Amendment, by its terms, explicitly establishes and protects civil rights, not property rights, while the Second Amendment, by its terms, explicitly does the opposite.

    My further observation is that "conservatives" and libertarians, usually big fans of property rights, don't see the Second Amendment that way because property rights are not heroic enough for them; they think the Second Amendment gives them the right not just to own guns -- which is and can only be a property right -- but to do all the heroic things they imagine themselves doing with their guns.

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