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View Diary: Transwoman's body found in pond near Cleveland...tied to concrete block (112 comments)

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    This is a horrific story.  Tragic.   Heartbreaking.

    Somewhere, there is a cold-blooded murderer who is walking around, strolling down the sidewalk, shopping in the grocery store, trying to act like a normal person, and yet they have the memory in their head of killing a person, tying a concrete block to the body and dumping her in the water.   The obvious question is "Why would anyone do this to a person?"    But, the other question that I often find myself pondering, is "Why would anyone do this to HIMSELF?"   I wonder if they feel, after they've done such an grotesque, inhuman thing, the way they thought they would feel when they made the decision to do it.    Perhaps it was a true psychopath, in the clinical definition of the word.   That might explain it.  But, if it wasn't, how can anyone live with that in their head?

    Reading between the lines, Cemia seems to have faced so much rejection in the world.   If she had "dangerous" drugs, they were only "dangerous" to herself.  It was her choice.   WHY do we have laws like that?   WHY?!

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