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View Diary: Sen. Cruz to Vice President Biden: Debate me! (164 comments)

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  •  I wonder who would be the moderator. (1+ / 0-)
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    Someone who actually calls them on the facts (please proceed, Senator) or someone who lets them say whatever sh*t they want to spew because hey, both sides have equal validity...?

    I also wonder if Senator Cruz has any ideas for halting crime other than shooting people who might be committing, might have committed or might someday in the future be mistaken for someone who might commit a crime.

    I'd like to find out from the Senator how he'd pay for what he probably says he'd like to do.  I'd like to also find out how various ideas that to me sound conflicting, like using drones over America and avoiding having the government spying into freedom loving American's private business can possibly co-exist within one skull.  

    Just what limits can be placed upon gun rights?  Can someone keep and bear arms anywhere?  Then why give businesses like bars, sporting events, theaters, etc the right to prevent guns from being carried there?  What about government offices?  What about court houses?  What about police stations?  What about capitol buildings?  How would he feel about someone bringing an AR-15 into the Senate viewing gallery in Washington?  And if those are proper restrictions, why not allow others including cities to place restrictions, like within a business like a Walmart, or an office complex, or a post office, or on a college campus, or in a school?  Why do some business owners get to keep guns out but others must allow any/everyone to bring guns, concealed or not?  Why should a sheriff in one county get to determine whether or not someone from his county can take his concealed firearm to another county which might have stricter gun laws or even might want to prevent concealed carry?  Why should one sheriff get to dictate to another one?  This refers to "Shall-issue" concealed weapon statutes rather than "May-issue" and also refers to laws where states and localities must honor the issuing jurisdiction's decision rather than getting to decide for themselves whether to allow for concealed carry.

    So many questions to ask, if there would just be someone who's willing to ask the questions and not allow the answers to wander away from the actual question.

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