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View Diary: Sen. Cruz to Vice President Biden: Debate me! (164 comments)

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  •  Cruz is debate champion (2+ / 0-)
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    cassandracarolina, merrywidow

    I would suggest, quite humbly, that he go debate his own constituents first.

    Do go read his bio on Wikipedia.

    Here's the quotation I put under every photo of Cruz:

    "Intellectual brilliance is no guarantee against being dead wrong"
    -- David Franklin Fasold
    Of course, the debate I REALLY WANT TO SEE is over birth certificates. Cruz vs. Obama

    If Cruz qualifies to be President because his mother is American, even though he was born in Canada........then, why not Obama since his mother was American....even if Obama was allegedly born in Kenya?

    How does one frame debate questions?
    Resolved that a person born overseas  to at least one American parent is a natural born citizen. . . . .

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