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  •  Second Philip Kerr & Alan Furst (7+ / 0-)

    I really love the way Alan Furst's novel are so evocative of a particular time and place, although they are somewhat formulaic.  But what the hey.  Sometimes you just want to relax with the novel equivalent of a Julia Roberts flic.

    Philip Kerr's books are amazing, and I highly recommend them.  I was so glad when he picked up the Bernie Gunther story after so many years of letting it lie fallow.

    I'm presently reading "Zoo Station" by David Downing.  He has a few more in this series about an English writer in Berlin.  I'm liking it a lot.

    I also love Joseph Kanon's books, and he's had a couple set in this same time frame, or just after the war (i.e., "The Good German", "The Alibi", "The Prodigal Spy" and "Los Alamos".  These are not a series.

    I just started reading Maureen Jennings' books about a detective in England during the war.

    Also Robert Wilson, who wrote "A Small Death in Lisbon".  Fabulous!

    Geez, don't get me started.....

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