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  •  oooooh (5+ / 0-)

    I love everything!!!

    I'm sooo happy about your magnolia!  Sadly, my front magnolia got hit during the big winter storm we had after Sandy.  I was hoping my repair to keep the upright top branch going would take, but it's dead as dead.  I gotta clip it off - which means the tree is like 2 feet shorter than it was.  :( I don't think I'll get flowers from this one this year.  But I do think I may from the new one I planted out back (the one that locked me outta the car and I had to climb through the roof!  LOL)

    Funny - my lilacs are not yet blooming!!!  My neighbors have some just starting.  And the iris for sure are not blooming yet either.

    Been working hard in the yard.  I'll take pix.

    Oh and talk about snippers, I saw two black tulips that were blooming in the front yard this morning.

    When I got back (after working out at gym and stopping by garden center) they were GONE.  I kept thinking... huh?  Maybe I imagined it this morning?  But when I finally got to investigate, someone had snapped them towards the base... obviously flowers for the table somewhere.  :(

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    by kishik on Sun May 05, 2013 at 01:15:38 PM PDT

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      Errant posy pickers are among the worst kinds of pilferers!  

      Meanwhile, i'm sorry your magnolia branch didn't heal up.  But one of the interesting aspects of your landscaping efforts is that your garden comes through its various "natural" challenges with such amazing resilience.  You just Bing Bang Boom make a decision, roll up your sleeves and make it work!  Penis aside, you're the Tim Gunn of the Garden.

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