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View Diary: Is there a God? (With Poll) (279 comments)

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  •  why does the poll ask about Christian God? (0+ / 0-)

    As if we are all Christians here on DK or in the US.

    Why wouldn't you say Judeo/Christian/Muslim God, for example.

    After writing about "is there a God?" why are you polling to see if folks believe in only the Christian one as you say it?

    It seems like you think Christian God is the usual or the only important one to ask for. It hit me as odd.

    I'm exploring the idea of (my own) White privilege lately...seeing it everywhere, am embarraced by both it's presence and that I didn't notice or care to look before.

    In doing that I've also noticed in our country that there is Male privilege and Hetero privilege. It can be draining to not be in the dominant group. When people assume the dominant group is the only one of interest, you can feel invisible or excluded where you had thought you belonged. YOu get used to it, but it's draining. Women who've been in the world a while know this one. If Congress was 50% women instead of 18% I think the War on Women wouldn't exist. But when eighty percent of lawmakers are men, the pressing nuances and urgencies of action on women's issues that women understand firsthand are just lost, the details aren't understood by many or cared about enough to push forward.

    I think there is Christian privilege also here in the US. Frequent assumptions- it's the norm. That too gets tiresome. Here's an example: Christmas is a national holiday even though we have separation of church and state and people of all other religions are usually forced to have that day off but have to use vacation time for their own holidays.  Yet this fact is rarely acknowleged, it is just what it is because our country wouldn't work not having Xmas off because such a high percentage want to celebrate it and those that do shouldn't be forced to work. So I don't sweat them having to do this, but Christians likely just accept it as their do and don't think at all of the others or how it effects their lives. Instead we hear there is a "war on Christmas" with attemps to use broader inclusive language. Christian privilege-it's just assumed that the "average" (or important) person's God or holiday is Christian/Christmas no need to acknowlege others.

    Non-majority people in ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation etc live with an onslaught of minor things like this that add up often to a tiresome cascade of difference. Why contribute to it?

    I was curious about your poll because it is in the title of the diary, so I skipped down to it first but when I saw what it questioned was turned off enough to write this.I skimmed the diary and the questions so if I'm off because of that I'm sorry.

    I'd have been curious as to how many Kossacks believe in God, period. Not neccessarily just the "Christian" God. SO I guess the title is misleading. Maybe you should say Christian God in the title.

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