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  •  "Not something the most effed up of us would do." (1+ / 0-)
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    In a far far galaxy, a few days ago, on a different subject dairy in a simple comment someone said "Not something the most effed up of us would do."
    Kent State: One of those "Where were you?"
    Kent State: To me, one of those, if not the most important, points in the history of time.
    It was the beginnings of the new constructs of all accepted New Age Spiritual.
    I was dodgeingly LUCKY, the simple luck of lucking into someone explaining to a young person, to then be in a commune setting of Hawaii.
    Everyone everywhere gathered in groups, the discussions went well into the night, maybe nights elsewhere.
    The next day the mental consensus had been reached. The sweetest most kindest amongst us all concurred. From "Let it Rot" to "We Will Tear it Down!" and then "Let it Rot!" You could feel that vibe throughout the entire nation. The vibe that a UNITED sleeping giant was now aware.
    "Not something the most effed up of us would do."
    It was the most amazing thing to encounter other hippies and the vibe was AWAKENED and NOT afraid!
    The funniest thing was the fear you could see in the ESTABLISHMENTS faces.
    An unjust war and an insane President would end.
    The POWER of people united, talking & learning.  
    Came down hard on Occupy they did. Uh, over hear over hear :)
    Thank You, EdMass for this cool post as we beatnik roll along…

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