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View Diary: 2013 Backyard Science Yardbird Race Tally #6 (103 comments)

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  •  The birds are slowly trickling in from their (15+ / 0-)

    winter homes and I've been able to add a few more this round. still have quite a few that are noticeably absent that I am looking forward to seeing again.

    Backyard bird count 2013
    Mid Missouri,
    Rural > acres
    1Cardinal Jan 1 Year round
    2Dark eyed Junco Jan 1
    3Gold Finch Jan 1Year round
    4Bluejay Jan 1Year round
    5Hairy woodpecker Jan 1Year round
    6House finch Jan 1
    7Downy woodpecker Jan 1Year round
    8Chickadee Jan 1Year round
    9Pileated woodpecker Jan 1Year round
    10Tufted titmouse Jan 1Year round
    11Flicker Jan 1Year round
    12Carolina wren Jan 1Year round
    13House sparrow Jan 1Year round
    14Cooper hawk Jan 1Year round
    15Fox sparrow Jan 1
    16Red belly woodpecker Jan 1Year round
    17White breasted nuthatch Jan 1Year round
    18White throated sparrow Jan 1
    19 Rock dove Jan 3Year round
    20Crow Jan 3Year round
    21Starling Jan3Year round
    22Mourning Dove Jan 5 Year round
    23 Purple Finch Jan 5
    24Cedar Waxwing Jan5
    26Great Horned Owl (heard only)Jan 10 Year round
    27Canada Goose Jan 12Year round
    28Red Shouldered Hawk Jan 12Year round
    29Blue bird Jan 5Year round
    30Robin Jan 5 Year round most years
    31Snow geese (fly over)
    32Turkey vulture(fly over) Feb 13
    33Red wing blackbird M Feb 19 F Feb 22
    34Brown headed cowbird Feb 22
    35Field Sparrow Feb 22
    36Brewers Blackbird  Feb 22
    37Song Sparrow Feb 26
    38Wood ducks March 9 (fly over)
    39Rufous sided Towhee
    40Tree swallow March 29
    41Grackle April 1
    42Eastern Phoebe April 4
    43Barn swallow April 6
    44Purp.le martin April 19
    45Ruby Throated hummingbird April 20th
    46Rosebreasted Grosbeak April 21
    47Baltimore Oriole April 25
    48Red Headed Woodpecker April 26
    49Indigo Bunting April 27
    50Pine Siskins April 28
    51Whipoorwills April 29 (heard only)
    52Orchard Oriole April 29
    53Bald Eagle  April 29 (fly over)

    Noticeably absent yet
    Brown Thrasher
    Yellow billed cuckoo
    Yellow breasted chat
    Blue Grosbeak
    House  wren
    Summer tanager
    Great Crested Flycatcher

    Lot's of bright colors on our back porch right now with most of the birds in their full breeding plumage, with many different shades of yellows, browns, blacks, reds, blues, and grays, with all kinds of patterns and combinations of those colors.

    I haven't posted any pics for quite awhile so hope you don't mind if I post a few recent additions to the flying flowers that are spending some time on the back porch this month

    The orchard oriole isn't quite as stunning as it's cousin but this is the first year we've had them at the feeders and they are very welcome.

     photo orchardorioleeatingjelly2013-04-28574_zps7588c4fe.jpg

    It's always nice to see the Grosbeaks each spring. The Blue ones haven't shown up yet but looking for them any day now. Meanwhile we have their next of kin.
     photo RosebreastedGrosbeak2013-04-28047_zps6dd0f7c0.jpg

    The Baltimores are so bright they almost seem to glow. They prefer the grape  jelly but also eat the oranges and sometimes hit both the suet blocks and the Hummingbird feeders. Don't laugh at my home-made muffin tray feeder. It holds both grape jelly and the orange halves, and most importantly, the Orioles seem to like it.

     photo Baltimoreatfeeder2013-04-28079_zps8d1e68f5.jpg

    We rarely see Red headed woodpeckers around here any more but we had one come to the feeders for the first time ever this spring. It stayed for three days but seems to have moved on now. It was great while it lasted.

     photo 2013-04-26085_zpsd3242d23.jpg

    Thanks Bwren.

    Just give me some truth. John Lennon

    by burnt out on Sun May 05, 2013 at 10:44:36 AM PDT

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