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  •  I found a nice upscale liquor store that (2+ / 0-)
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    Youffraita, chingchongchinaman

    had all those, including the 800 dollar Macallans and other brands.

    Just now looked up Macallan 25 year old.  $699 a bottle at bevmo.

    Quite a step up from Macallan 10.  They list Macallan 10 for $37, but I got it for about 32 at Trader Joe's and I suspect I can get it cheaper if I shop.  

    Macallan 10 $37
    Macallan 12 $44
    Macallan 15 fine oak $90
    Macallan 17 fine oak $127
    Macallan 18 $175
    Macallan 25 $699

    This is one of those pearls before swines things, where I'm the swine and the scotch is the pearls.  I SO miss the Macallan's 10 that I had that I think I should go back to it.  In fact I think maybe I'm grieving over its loss (to my belly).  I'm not quite sure I would like an older Macallan's more.  It really grew on me.  Remember how I posted it disappointed me because it wasn't smoky enough?  Well, once I got past my expectations, it was great.  It had a complex flavor, sweet and pleasant, sort of like pears, and it was so smooth that it didn't even seem like whiskey.  I could still smell it the next day and I hadn't really drunk a lot of it.

    The Glenlivet 12 is sort of like the Macallan 10 but without the subtlety.  I can tell it's in the same family, but it doesn't blow me away.

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