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  •  Think about what we did learn from Iraq: (4+ / 0-)

    The problem with "doing something" about Syria at a time of internal conflict, is that you then own the rebuilding process which involves deciding how you glue the pieces of a shattered nation back together, some of the pieces not willing to be glued of course.

    You cannot remove the "absurdity" of the situation. We should have never invaded Iraq, and if we had not, if we still faced a Syrian situation like we have its not clear we could or should do more, or nothing at all. The actions of the Leader of Syria are what creates the absurdity.

    Obama is drawing a red line because the nature of leading the American people demands you say something "decisive" about serious situations you cannot possible solve by intervening, or not intervening. What the USA "says" does not really matter to anyone other than other posturing nations outside of Syria.

    We can't solve unemployment, gun control, a budget or health care (the ACA does not even come close as we will find out- you can't cure cancer by finding a way to keep the tumors alive and growing). What do you think we have to add to the situation in Syria, past actions or not?

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