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  •  The best advice I ever got (16+ / 0-)

    was when my mother told me "you'll know when it's time."

    Universally, that's been true so far.  When the dog (or cat or any other animal) just doesn't seem right, is in obvious pain, and is too distracted to perform normal activities for their age and ability, it's time.

    In the case of my cat, it wasn't time when he developed high thyroid, it's treatable.  Nor time when he had congestive heart failure--we fixed that and his pills kept him perfectly happy and healthy.

    It was time the day I got up and he suddenly showed a great deal of disorientation.  His kidneys had failed.

    If you can't determine if "it's time," a vet can help you figure that out.  If your vet says that Suzy isn't in pain (or is in controllable pain that can be taken care of with medications), then it's definitely not time.

    By your description, good appetite and hungry for attention, even if uncomfortable from the limp, it may not quite be time...but I'd prepare myself.  It doesn't sound like it's too far off.

    Our Jasper was almost totally blind, completely deaf, arthritic, somewhat incontinent at times, a bit senile, and kind of old-man testy.  Even so, he was a sweet animal, interested in food, found his way around with his nose perfectly well, and obviously happy (if confused).

    We finally chose to end things when his spleen tumor began to cause internal bleeding, weakness, and obvious discomfort at the age of fifteen.  It was the right decision, but difficult at the time.

    (-6.38, -7.03) Moderate left, moderate libertarian

    by Lonely Liberal in PA on Sun May 05, 2013 at 08:18:13 AM PDT

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