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View Diary: End of life planning for family dog :( (40 comments)

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    My cocker spaniel is at least 12.  We really don't know because we got him full grown from a humane society 11 years ago.  He's almost completely blind and deaf.  He sleeps 23 hours per day.  He's active for 5-10 minutes at a time several times per day.  But...he eats.  He goes outside and sniffs around.  He takes care of his business outside most of the time.  He gets confused and bumps into things, but doesn't seem to have pain.  Does he have fun?  I don't think so. But, he seems happy when someone drops a scrap of food on the floor that he can smell when he happens to walk by.  He wags his tail when he smells us.

    I hope he just goes in his sleep one day....

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