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  •  Douhat makes a decent case for Medicare For All (3+ / 0-)
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    His closing is quite true:

    There are a variety of ways this could be accomplished — a bigger child tax credit for struggling families, a payroll tax cut to boost workers, an expanded earned-income tax credit to raise wages at the bottom, health savings accounts that roll over money left unspent. In each case, the goal would be to help people rise by giving them more money and more options for what to do with it, rather than just expanding 1960s-vintage programs that pay medical bills and only medical bills.
    He forgot to add to this list a national single payer or Medicare For All. That would eliminate the short-sightedness he earlier rightly called funneling so much public funding into the insurance industry.
    It’s to the Republican Party’s great discredit that these policies and goals don’t have enough conservative champions at the moment. But it’s to liberals’ discredit that they remain wedded to the dream of a health care bureaucracy that pays and pays and pays, when in all likelihood we could be spending much less with similar results, and finding better ways to help the poor.
    You disagree with that? Sure the insurance rules changed in ACA are improvements but there are much better ways to spend less, get better health care results, and help all Americans including the poor.

    Your Wall-mart mom example probably already had Medicaid which is quite good. ACA has few changes in store for her, or the large group insured by their employers. It's the working uninsured who will be required to purchase individual policies already unbelievably expensive and the best HHS projects are for increases a little bit higher than the usual and customary annual increases. Luckily those at the lowest income levels will receive subsidies...until they get a raise. Greater access on paper, hopefully they'll be realized. But Douhat has a point that it's too little for too much given the better, easier, cheaper options.

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