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  •  Pretty simple reason (7+ / 0-)

    It's the 2014 mid terms. There are going to be some glitches in implementation, and some negative unintended consequences.  (I would call the cutting of the hours of a lot of people so that they were under the  threshold of the employer having to provide health insurance one of the "unintended consequences" except that it was so obvious that kind of thing was going to happen I have a hard time calling it "unintended.")  

    A lot of this will "hit" beginning this fall when the exchanges were supposed to be set up and next year.  Every time that someone doesn't go smoothly, every time there's a negative unintended consequence, Republicans will blame Democrats.  That's the result of passing the ACA on an entirely partisan basis -- the Republicans have no investment in the ACA, they have no reason to try to make it better.  All the Republicans see with the ACA is that every negative thing that happens is the Democrats' fault, because this is an entirely Democratic bill passed despite the efforts of the Republicans to do everything they could to prevent it from becoming law.

    I suspect that things like gun control and immigration are going to fade into the background for the midterms in November 2014.  It will be all about the ACA.  If things go well, if the exchanges are set up, if people who lose employer provided coverage can get reasonably priced coverage with the subsidies, Democrats will benefit.  If lots of people lose their employer-provided coverage, if the exchanges aren't set up, if the price of coverage goes up significantly, the mid-terms will be all about campaigning against the Democrats who passed the ACA.  

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