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  •  Hai All - well, Reggie chased Charlie (19+ / 0-)

    off the litterbox yesterday morning so when Dr. Wright mentioned they have an adoption program at the clinic, well, I left Reg with her.  I just called and he's napping at the moment but has been basking in all the attention he's gotten in the waiting room to the extent he apparently hasn't minded being in a cage.  And the dogs don't seem to bother him - he hasn't even hissed at them - so he may find a better forever home with somebody who has one (as in one person has already expressed interest and if he's still there next week will bring in her dog and see how they react to each other).  I hate giving him up.  I've never had a kitteh who hugged my neck before - he is just a sweet, loving boy.  But it's not fair to Charlie, who's lived in my house for over 3 years, to live his life all tense and hiding under chairs (and only being able to "go" when Reggie is asleep down the hall).  And Reggie being a sweet, loving boy means he has good chance of finding a loving person to be with so that part's good - and I went ahead and got him his shots (he's already fixed) so if that loving person is low/lower income that won't be an issue.  But I miss the boy.  Sigh.   Vet report on Cloud & Charlie - both could stand to lose a little weight and Cloud needs dental which is going to have to wait until I can afford it, but otherwise they're in great shape.  Hope everybody is doing well.  bf

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