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  •  Of course, but this is just the beginning... (2+ / 0-)
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    VClib, Ian Reifowitz

    phase of the new advance in this technology, and as with most new or advancing technologies, where there is a demand, there will eventually be a supply, and modifications to make it cheaper and easier for the average person to use:

    Easily Bringing Your Design into Reality

    3D Printer Breaks $500 Price Point

    ...If you are like me, you have been watching the 3D printer space with much enthusiasm in anticipation of the moment when consumer-friendly 3D printers make their way to market at a price Joe Public can truly afford...

    With entries like Solidoodle, the Cube, and even the still-to-be released Origo (a sub-$1,000 3D printer for kids we covered previously) pushing down the price point, it's only a matter of time before the decision to buy a 3D printer is no different than the decision to buy an office printer. And that's when the creative games will begin...

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