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View Diary: Another Toddler Dies. A 3-Year Old In Arizona Shoots Himself In The Face (192 comments)

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  •  Guns Were Designed To Do One Thing (12+ / 0-)


    I've seen all the Apples To Oranges comparisons.

    Cars can kill, knives can kill, rocks can kill...

    But these IDIOTS just don't understand.  Sure there are lots of household and everyday things we use that can kill someone BUT that's not what they were Designed to do.

    Guns were Designed to kill. (Period)

    In 1776, guns killed people one at a time. (Then you had to reload.)
    Today, with ammunition magazines you can kill 100 people before you have to reload.
    The NRA wants to keep that option around.

    What the NRA forgets (or won't tell you) IS - If someone is after you, or your caught in a sniping, or robbery, or assault at an office, school or playground - the aggressive criminal has the draw on you & others and you're dead.  Sure maybe someone else might shoot the  gunman, after the damage is done.  

    So the NRA argument would be - instead of 30 people or 20 children being shot rapidly the number would be 15 or 10 if we all carried guns.  Give me a break! that's STILL 10 or 15 more than needed.

    I need to take a written test, followed by a physical test before I can get a Drivers License of a vehicle that was designed for transportation but has the ability to kill.  That same principle should be applied to guns which were designed to kill.

    So using NRA logic - My 5 year old should carry a gun to school to prevent them from being bullied.  But wait bullies have guns too.  What's the chance of the bully shooting first.

    NRA Logic - To protect yourself on an airplane you should carry a gun.  So let's arm all passengers for their protection.  OK - let's serve those passengers alcohol.  Don't you feel safe? NOT!

    Step one - Expand Background Checks.
    Step two - Limit magazine size.

    Conservatives say if you don't give the rich more money, they will lose their incentive to invest. As for the poor, they tell us they've lost all incentive because we've given them too much money. -GC

    by cobaltbay on Mon May 06, 2013 at 11:12:59 AM PDT

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