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View Diary: Let's Teach the Controversy of Evolution vs Intelligent Design **Updated with Poll question** (365 comments)

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  •  My biology teacher "taught the controversy" (1+ / 0-)
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    For background, I went to high school in Connecticut, in a suburb of Hartford, in a community that is incredibly liberal, albeit very stereotypically Connecticut.  Incidentally it was also the same high school that Frank Luntz graduated from.

    Anyway, on the first day of class he talked about the scientific method, and the most important tenet of the scientific method: falsifiability.  Namely, he talked about how science and scientific theory depends on a test you can use to determine whether a theory is false.  If there is no such test, then it's not a theory, and has no place in scientific discourse.

    He used the example of God... and the definition of God as being "everywhere."  ...making it impossible to have a scenario where you could compare "a beaker of God" vs. "a beaker without God."  He then said that it didn't matter whether we "believed" in evolution or not, because it was a matter of established scientific theory, and that in science there was no such thing as "fact", only theory and observation.

    That set the stage for the remainder of our year.

    Intelligent design then falls under that problem: what test would you do to disprove intelligent design?  There is no test, because it's based on a construction rather than disproving the competing theories.

    I wish that this was something that was a regular staple in science classes.

    •  that's just it--- it isn't science (3+ / 0-)

      That doesn't even mean it's false... it just isn't science.  So it has no more a place in science class than reading To Kill a Mockingbird does. Reading literature isn't science, so it doesn't belong in science class.

      Conservatives need to realize that their Silent Moral Majority is neither silent, nor moral, nor a majority.

      by nominalize on Mon May 06, 2013 at 03:12:29 PM PDT

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      •  I.D. is false (0+ / 0-)

        doesn't matter how you categorize it or what you call it. I.D. is utterly false. Period.

        +++ The law is a weapon used to bludgeon us peasants into submission. It is not to be applied to the monied elite.

        by cybersaur on Tue May 07, 2013 at 08:51:25 AM PDT

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