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View Diary: Let's Teach the Controversy of Evolution vs Intelligent Design **Updated with Poll question** (365 comments)

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  •  Here's a theory... (0+ / 0-)

    ...Extra Terrestrials are responsible for populating this planet. Can we add that to the things to teach, as well?
    And, here's another: everything sprung from that great wellspring of Rastafarian life...the great marijuana plant. Can we teach that, as well?

    Some people think that we are all just molecules that are part of a larger organism (which would make sense). Perhaps we can teach that, as well.

    The fact that none of those have any scientific validity whatsoever...shouldnt' stop us.

    •  what makes ID different is .. (0+ / 0-)

      It is constructed in a way that makes relatively well educated people view it as on par with evolution.  For instance, a relatively brilliant professor of logic and artificial intelligence at my university believes ID is a scientific theory.  This debate is occurring out in the world wether we like it or not.  I'm simply suggesting that we as scientists fight this battle on our turf.

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