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View Diary: Let's Teach the Controversy of Evolution vs Intelligent Design **Updated with Poll question** (365 comments)

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  •  a sequence of numbers (0+ / 0-)

    is not "random".  It simply is.  It could be randomly generated.  But the same sequence of numbers that has been randomly generated will also have a real existence.

    At the risk of diving into more mathematical rigor than people care for, in mathematics "randomness" is a word for describing a class of distributions and the sampling processes thereof.  And when you get past that, randomness is nothing more than a subset of measure theory.  

    Any function can be used to generate a random distribution.  A constant function, for example, is technically a "random" distribution (with all of the weight on one particular outcome).  Popular culture conflates "random" with "chaotic" or "wacky" and that's really a poor way to use the word.  

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