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  •  The hypocrisy is glaring (9+ / 0-)

    (Note: I am a former RC)

    This is the same institution that not only has conducted the largest criminal conspiracy in the history of humanity, complete with the aiding and abetting of rapists, witness intimidation, obstruction of justice and payments of hush money, but also has recognized Newt Gingrich's third marriage as valid. Apparently faithfulness in marriage is expected unless you're a prominent conservative politician whose conversion the church thinks will make for good PR. If they really believed in the sanctity of marriage, they would have at least expected Newt and the woman he paid to have sex with him for 6 years to break up if they wanted to remain faithful Catholics, but that would require consistency in the enforcement of religious principles.

    Instead we get the spectacle of johnny-come-lately Catholic Gingrich lying through his teeth on MTP this weekend, claiming that Catholic adoption agencies have been outlawed in Massachusetts and DC, even though in both jurisdictions closed their doors without any governmental coercion, because they refused to treat LGBT citizens as full human beings. When Gingrich was corrected, he doubled down by claiming the governments were barring the agencies from practicing their religion.

    Well, guess what? Gingrich is right. The federal government, back in 1964, barred all public accommodations (which includes adoption agencies that serve the general public and take government money) from denying services to people they considered sinful. So for nearly 60 years Catholic Charities has had to treat heretics, adulterers, blasphemers and fornicators as equal human beings, and they never complained. Only when TEH GAYZ were covered in similar state-level laws that the church suddenly started screaming about their victimhood. Oh, and Catholic Charities in Boston actually placed a baker's dozen children with same-sex couples in the decade prior to marriage equality, until Sean O'Malley, the local bishop, found out what they were doing and demanded they stop. Twenty percent of the allegedly secular charity BoD then quit in protest.

    As the church continues its crusade against LGBT equality, I have to wonder where the leadership will stop. RI church leader Tobin stated last week that faithful Catholics should not even attend same-sex weddings (but it's fine to attend a Mormon one?). When will Catholic hospitals begin barring same-sex spouses from visiting their husbands and wives? I have to believe that's coming down the proverbial pike.

    Of course the church leadership continues to believe that Catholics shouldn't be discriminated against and would never countenance, say, a gay social worker refusing to consider Catholic couples as potential adoptive parents, because the social worker thinks their religion is sinful.

    A government that denies gay men the right to bridal registry is a facist state - Margaret Cho

    by CPT Doom on Mon May 06, 2013 at 04:49:36 PM PDT

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