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    Our minister married his boyfriend over 20 years ago.  Everyone was more than cool.

    30 and 40 years ago our church was where interracial and interreligious couples were welcome.  Fredrick Pohl's book Chernobyl makes reference to this when it talks about a couple, one jewish, one christian, went to something called a unitarian church.

    My main concern with the Catholic Church is not that they don't allow gays, we know that most churches derive power through making the desired group feel closer to the almighty than the undesired group, why else would one need a intermediary in something that is a personal connection?  No, the problem is that the do not require all unmarried males to stand in front of the church on weekly basis and declare their virginity,and all males declare that they have avoided sodomy, nor do they refuse to marry divorced persons.  After all, fornication and adultery are talked about way more and way more negatively than homesexual behavior.  In reality a guy who receives a blow job, even from his wife, is exactly as sinful as a man who copulates with another man, or a man who does anything sexual with a women who is not his wife.

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