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    19)  Tell others that you are quitting.  Telling others that I was quitting is like making a commitment; it made it real to me.  It meant acknowledging the power tobacco had over me, and made my wish to stop smoking explicit.  It also meant I could not hide behind a smokescreen: others would know if I was not smoking or if I went back to smoking.  Thinking that others would know the outcome gave me extra motivation during those 15 minute craving attacks.  I also enjoyed the "good for you" postivie strokes I got from my acquitances.
    is the total opposite of what I did.

    My coworkers knew b/c I bought that electronic cigarette...but I never declared my intention to quit.

    I just DID it.

    I do give the electronic cigarette total credit for weaning me off of tobacco. It worked.

    But even now, my coworkers don't know I'm on nicotine lozenges, they think I still smoke electronic cigs. This is b/c the only breaks we get at work are smoke breaks every two hours...and I work ten-hour shifts...I need to sit down every so often. (No lunch, no: you eat standing up at your register. Where is a union when I need to join?)

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    by Youffraita on Mon May 06, 2013 at 07:09:28 PM PDT

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